Gloucestershire Bike Project Gift A Bike

During the Covid-19 crisis, the shop and workshop will be temporarily closed, to all but NHS, and other key workers by appointment. To book an appointment, for repairs, servicing or to purchase a bike contact the shop by phone or email.

Please adhere to our social distancing measures. They are in place to protect us and you.

We have no refurbished bikes for sale at the moment, they have all been donated to nurses, NHS workers and other key workers and essential workers who needed a bike to get to work safely and more easily during the Covid-19 crisis.

We have set up a campaign to ‘Gift a Bike’ to more nurses and other key workers at this time.

These people are keeping us safe and fed  by going to work. They are working in extremely stressful situations, putting themselves at risk daily when we have all been told to stay at home. Let's thank them by giving the gift of a bike so we can make their lives a little easier. Please donate whatever you can here, and help our amazing NHS and other essential and key workers get to work safely.

Maybe you could donate the cost of your daily commute, or just 1 hours salary to show them that we appreciate what they are doing for us.

‘A Massive Thank you to all the people who have donated so far – you really are making a difference’

Take care everyone, stay safe, protect the NHS

Key worker list:

  • All NHS staff and people who work in care settings.
  • Supermarket and all food production and distribution workers.
  • Delivery personnel
  • All Key workers and designated essential workers.
Gift a Bike to nurses

New Trek bikes can still be ordered, please contact us and let us know what you would like and we will arrange this.

When this crisis has passed, we will need donated  bikes more than ever for our free kid’s projects and to replenish our gifted stock of refurbished bikes. If you have a bike you no longer need, please consider donating it to the project.

Our regular website will be back with you in a few weeks time with all the information about our free bike maintenance workshops, kids projects, refurbished and new bike sales and servicing and repairs.