Passionate about what we do. Professional about how we do it. Proudly Not for Profit


Our Values

Integrity – Responsibility - Community

  We believe in good old fashioned values. Providing honest advice and customer care. Being committed to the best quality workmanship, fair pricing and good value.

We believe in sustainability, whether that means keeping bikes in use for as long as possible through our refurbishment programmes and hence reducing waste or finding ways to fund community initiatives from the proceeds of bike sales, we are committed to taking a responsible approach.

We also believe that as a social enterprise we need to provide community benefits. We do this through our youth and adult projects and community initiatives  that we run throughout the year.



Creating Opportunities Through Bikes

We believe that bikes can be used for good.

Over the years we have been lucky enough to be able to use bikes to create opportunities in a number of ways for a whole host of people. We have worked with a lot of  vulnerable young people and been able to give them work experience and help them develop and grow. We have created volunteering roles for people with mental health issues and people struggling with loneliness and isolation. We have set up and run a free bike loan scheme, free womens bike maintenance workshops, training for ex-offenders, donated 101 bikes to NHS and Key workers during the Covid Pandemic and much more.

We continue to design and deliver grass roots cycling initiatives all the time and plan to continue creating opportunities through bikes for as long as the shop and project exist. In large part, we are able to do this because people donate bikes to us or buy bikes from us - Community strengthening community.

Nurturing Young Peoples Growth

In a world where young people face multiple challenges and pressures, it is important to give each young person the opportunity to be good a something. Some young people struggle in mainstream education. Our training courses are designed to help them relax and enjoy learning, helping them achieve positive outcomes and build self belief.

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Learning New Skills, Making New Friends

Free bike maintenance workshops and courses for adults is another popular project we offer. This often leads to volunteering opportunities in the wider project, or simply making friends that you share interests with. Like most in person workshops, these are sadly on hold due to the pandemic.

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Supporting Cycling in the Community

Each year we attend a number of community events where we offer free bike maintenance and security coding. We also deliver this service for local businesses to help promote cycling. Always great fun!

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